Map: See where immigrant kids find temporary shelter

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For the 40,000 children who travelled thousands of miles without their parents on a harrowing migration to the U.S. from Central America, the goal was typically the same: a home with a parent or relative who had already made the journey.

In many cases, that end point was an additional hundreds of miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border and the temporary U.S. government shelters that have been a recent focus for anti-immigration protesters.

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Gallup: To Fix Congress, Americans Recommend Firing All Members

Watch the video below! 

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Antarctic sea-ice extent keeps setting new records – So it’s time to double down

Even though Antarctic sea-ice extent has set yet another all-time record, I expect ever more hand-wringing articles about melting ice in desperate attempts to keep the global-warming scam alive.  

How will this come about? I think we’ll see the media focus their attention more and more on the West Antarctic Peninsula.

This subterfuge might work, because most people know next to nothing about Antarctica. They certainly don’t realize that the West Antarctic Peninsula is only a small portion of that huge continent.


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Study: 35 percent in US facing debt collectors

More than 35 percent of Americans have debts and unpaid bills that have been reported to collection agencies, according to a study released Tuesday by the Urban Institute.

More than 35 percent of Americans have debts and unpaid bills that have been reported to collection agencies, according to a study released Tuesday by the Urban Institute.

These consumers fall behind on credit cards or hospital bills. Their mortgages, auto loans or student debt pile up, unpaid. Even past-due gym membership fees or cellphone contracts can end up with a collection agency, potentially hurting credit scores and job prospects, said Caroline Ratcliffe, a senior fellow at the Washington-based think tank.

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House panel condemns Obama for Bergdahl prisoner swap

The Republican-led Armed Services Committee backed a nonbinding resolution that disapproves of the exchange and faults Obama for failing to notify Congress 30 days in advance of the swap, as required by law.

A bitterly divided House panel on Tuesday voted to condemn President Barack Obama for the swap of five Taliban leaders for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held prisoner in Afghanistan for five years.

The Republican-led Armed Services Committee backed a nonbinding resolution that disapproves of the exchange and faults Obama for failing to notify Congress 30 days in advance of the swap, as required by law. The vote was 34-25 with two Democrats – Reps. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina – joining Republicans in support of the measure.

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Microsoft Aspirations in China Meets Perilous Climate – Businessweek

Microsoft finds China’s cronyism, arbitrary legal system, and pervasive corruption a tad difficult to navigate.

Microsoft Corp. joins a growing list of companies relying on growth in China yet crashing against the reality of a market still prone to protectionism, unpredictable laws and unreliable suppliers.

Just this month, Chinese regulators opened an anti-monopoly investigation into Microsoft and state media accused Apple Inc.  of using its iPhone to steal state secrets. In May, Chinese authorities alleged GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK) sales people bribed doctors and hospitals to boost sales.

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MH17: Dutch PM urges Ukraine to stop fighting near crash site – Telegraph

A blown up railway-bridge blocks the road between Charkov and Donetsk in Ukraine, July 28 2014Holland’s prime minister asked for a cease fire around the site of the MH17 crash so that investigators can reach the scene.

Fighting between Kiev forces and pro-Russian separatists on Tuesday prevented international investigators reaching the MH17 crash site in Ukraine for the third day running, the Dutch justice ministry said.

“The group of Dutch and Australian experts did not leave Donetsk for the crash site in east Ukraine. There is currently too much fighting on and around the road to the crash site,” the ministry said in a statement.

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EU and U.S. announce new sanctions on Russia over Ukraine | Reuters

With the situation in Ukraine getting nastier, the European Union announced a first round of sanctions against Russia. This is a Cold War redux. 

The European Union and the United States on Tuesday announced further sanctions against Russia, targeting its energy, banking and defense sectors in the strongest international action yet over Moscow’s support for rebels in eastern Ukraine.

The measures mark the start of a new phase in the biggest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the Cold War, which worsened dramatically after the downing of Malaysian flight MH17 over rebel-held territory on July 17 by what Western countries say was a Russian-supplied missile.

“If Russia continues on this current path, the costs on Russia will continue to grow,” President Barack Obama said in Washington.

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Barack Obama’s immigration moves could be unstoppable

Possible executive actions on immigration by President Obama may be effectively immune to challenge no matter their constitutionality.

Even if President Barack Obama tests the bounds of his presidential power with the big, unilateral moves he’s promising on immigration, there may be no way to stop him.

Lawyers are debating the legality of a series of immigration-related executive actions the White House is reportedly considering, but there’s broad agreement suing the president isn’t likely to work.

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Israel pounds Gaza; Hamas rejects PLO’s proposed cease-fire – LA Times

When we get an Israeli commitment with international guarantees regarding a humanitarian truce, then we will study it. – Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri

Israeli forces are blasting all things Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Israel pummeled the Gaza Strip from the air, land and sea on Tuesday, hitting government buildings, a television station and other symbols of the Hamas militant group’s power in the coastal enclave.

It was one of the most intense bombardments of Israel’s 22-day operation to dismantle the group’s rocket-launching capabilities and destroy a network of tunnels used by Palestinian militants to funnel weapons and fighters into Israel.

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Emails show White House adviser intervened on ObamaCare ‘bailout’ after industry appeals | Fox News

White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett

Emails reveal intervention by White House adviser Valerie Jarrett on behalf of the health insurance industry when executives voiced concern about Obamacare-related costs.

Newly released emails show a key White House adviser intervened on behalf of the health insurance industry after an executive repeatedly warned that massive premium hikes were coming unless the administration expanded an ObamaCare program that Republicans call an industry “bailout.” 

The insurance industry ultimately got a more “generous” offer from the administration — one that Republicans warn could transfer potentially billions of taxpayer dollars into the Affordable Care Act to bail out insurance companies. 

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Gallup: Reports of Alcohol-Related Family Trouble Remain Up in U.S.

Americans are much more likely now than they were 30 years ago to say drinking has been a cause of trouble in their family. Those who acknowledge having alcohol-related family problems are less likely to say they drink.

Has drinking ever been a cause of trouble in your family?

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Last Abortion Clinic in Mississippi Will Remain Open Per 5th Circuit Ruling

A ruling from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will allow Mississippi’s one remaining abortion clinic to stay open, despite the fact that doctors there do not have admitting privileges at a local hospital. In 2012, the Mississippi legislature passed a law requiring all abortion clinic doctors to have such privileges—ostensibly in the name of women’s health, but more realistically as way to restrict abortion access. 

Since then, doctors with the Jackson Women’s Health Organization—the only abortion clinic in the state—have applied for admitting privileges at 13 regional hospitals and been denied every time. 

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Conservatives Should Resurrect Reagan’s Foreign Policy

“What would Ronald Reagan do?”

That’s become the go-to inquiry for conservatives on nearly every public policy question, from the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 to corporate welfare in Oklahoma.

When likely 2016 contenders Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Texas Gov. Rick Perry squared off for an op-ed duel on the Iraq crisis recently, it quickly degenerated into a rapid-fire “Reagan-off,” with Perry unleashing a hellstorm of Gipper references, roughly one per 100 words.

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Cop Shoots Dog on Friday, Gets Fired on Monday, No Appeal Available

story not a website experiment

On Friday, an unidentified police officer in Hometown, a suburb of Chicago, shot and killed a 14-month-old family dog in front of the dog’s owner and the owner’s 6-year-old daughter. ABC 7 has the story:

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Why Obamacare Means What Obamacare Says

Is it possible to discern congressional intent by examining what was never said? In the wake of last week’s circuit court ruling that, contrary to the Obama administration’s current implementation, Obamacare does not allow insurance subsidies in federally run health exchanges, supporters of the law and reporters who covered it have argued as much. No one in Congress ever said that subsidies were limited to state-run exchanges, their argument goes, and the idea was unheard of before critics of the health law decided to challenge the administration in court.

It’s true that the legislative history isn’t particularly revealing. The issue of whether subsidies would be available in federally established exchanges was rarely if ever brought up prior to the law’s passage.

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This Car-Parking Robot Puts Valets on the Street: Video – Bloomberg

 German car parking robot allows for greater use of parking space by up to 60%.

Finding a parking space can be very stressful. Now a German company is making this a problem of the past. A robotic system named Ray can now park and retrieve your car. Serva Transport Systems Chief Technology Officer Leopold Meirer explains how it works. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Catch a ride!

Uber now operates in 90 cities in North America, including four new cities in Michigan: Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Kalamazoo

Michigan Dept of Agri Forces Farmer to Dump 248 Gallons of Organic Milk and Break 1200 Free Range Eggs

Last week, the Michigan Department of Agriculture staged a raid on a small organic farm and food co-op for the “crime” of providing raw milk, butter, cream, and eggs to people who bought shares in the organic dairy. The specific charge? “Selling food without a license,” even though it’s a co-op arrangement where members buy shares. Solution? Force the small farm to dump out 248 gallons of milk, break 100 dozen eggs and destroy an undisclosed amount of fresh cream, butter and cheese, with an estimated value of $5,000.

While Americans in the nearby city of Detroit face life in third world conditions, unable to even afford running water,  the state of Michigan decided to direct its resources towards cracking down on a small food co-op (the county’s only organic farm)  in Standish for having the utter audacity to provide milk, butter, cream and eggs to people who bought shares in the organic dairy.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture must be so proud of their deeds, after they forced Joe and Brenda Golimbieski, the owners of  Hill High Dairy and Jenny Samuelson, the owner of My Family Co-op, to dump out 248 gallons of milk, to break 100 dozen eggs, and to destroy an undisclosed amount of fresh cream, butter and cheese.

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Cop Shoots & Paralyzes Man Over Unpaid Parking Tickets | Liberty Viral

More on the US Police State

A Constable in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania shot and paralyzed a man who was being served a warrant for unpaid parking tickets. Kevin McCullers, who many never walk again, was backing out of his driveway going to a donut shop when he was surprised by the Constable. The officer fired on him as he pulled out of the driveway.

Constables in Lehigh county operate without direct supervision and this officer had attempted to serve McCullers before.


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Another Energy Milestone


Through June of this year, net petroleum imports fell below 30% for the first time since 1985, reaching a 29-year low (data here). Note the amazing drop in net oil imports from 60.3% in 2005 to 29.8% this year – completely reversing the 20-year upward trend in just nine years – thanks to the amazing US shale oil revolution.

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History, Not Religion

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that the steel cross formed when the twin towers collapsed can stay in the 9/11 Museum in New York. An atheist group challenged the cross as an endorsement of religion. Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice said the court was very strong in its rejection of that argument. “The idea that you cannot acknowledge anything religious when you’re talking about the history of our country is absurd,” he said. The group American Atheists brought the legal challenge. “There are no better examples of Christian privilege and prejudice in this country than this decision,” the group said in a statement. It has not decided whether it will appeal the court’s ruling.

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Battle Lines

Fighting in eastern Ukraine has intensified, leaving dozens of civilians dead and temporarily ending attempts to investigate the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. Ukrainian forces are trying to push pro-Russian rebels out of the region’s major cities. Shelling hit the center of Donetsk, one of the insurgents’strongholds since declaring autonomy from the government in Kiev. Meanwhile, European officials are meeting today to consider imposing broader sanctions on Russia that would target sectors of the country’s economy rather than just its prominent citizens.

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Midday Roundup: American missionary with Ebola in ‘grave condition’

A Texas doctor communicating with a medical missionary in Liberia via email told The Associated Press his friend is in “grave condition”and is “terrified”his case of Ebola will progress further. “I’m praying fervently that God will help me survive this disease,” Kent Brantly wrote to David McRay, the director of maternal-child health at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, where Brantly completed his four-year residency. Brantly also asked for prayers for Nancy Writebol, an American co-worker who also contracted Ebola. Brantly and Writebol were part of a team treating victims of the deadly disease in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital city. Health officials in Liberia are trying to figure out how Brantly, who directed the hospital’s Ebola clinic and wore full-body protective gear while treating patients, got the disease. They now worry Ebola could spread rapidly across Africa after a man with the disease flew on a commercial airline from Liberia to Nigeria, where he later died.

Brantly and his family, who returned to the United States shortly before he was diagnosed, have been in Liberia since October. But it was not his first experience with medical missions. During his residency, he accompanied McRay on trips to Uganda and earthquake-devastated Haiti. He also spent several weeks working in Tanzania, where his cousin lives and works as a medical missionary, McRay said.

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Climate Figures Don’t Lie; But Liars Figure

You have to give credit to the IPCC and the global warming movement.  They hide facts really well.  Buried in their data is the information that only 3% of the CO2 in the atmosphere can be attributed to man-made sources.  They ignore the research which shows that CO2 levels trail rather than lead temperature changes. A table from the Energy Information Administration which shows that: only about 3% of atmospheric carbon dioxide is attributable to human sources.  The numbers are from IPCC data.
Look at the table and do the arithmetic: 23,100/793,100 = 0.029.
URL for table:


If one wanted to make fun of the alleged consensus of “climate scientists”, one could say that 97% of carbon dioxide molecules agree that global warming results from natural causes.

Antarctica sets yet another sea-ice record


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Americans Still Avoid Fat More Than Carbs

Nearly twice as many Americans say they are actively trying to avoid fat in their diet (56%) as say they are actively avoiding carbohydrates (29%).

Trends: Americans' Dietary Habits Regarding Fat and Carbohydrates

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No Child Left Outside: Another Mom Arrested for Letting Kid Play in Park


A Port St. Lucie, Forida, mom has been arrested and charged with child neglect for daring to let her son, 7, play in the park half a mile from home. He was happily walking there when a busybody noticed him and asked where his mommy was. Then the busybody called the cops, since apparently no child should ever be outside without a private security detail.

The police descended upon the scene of the crime and later arresting the mom for the usual charge of child neglect. What if something bad had happened?

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A brief history of climate panic and crisis… both warming and cooling | Watts Up With That?

For at least 114 120 years, climate “scientists” have been claiming that the climate was going to kill us…but they have kept switching whether it was a coming ice age, or global warming.

(A timeline of claims follows, updated to 2014)

  • 1895 - Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again New York Times, February 1895
  • 1902 - “Disappearing Glaciers…deteriorating slowly, with a persistency that means their final annihilation…scientific fact…surely disappearing.” – Los Angeles Times
  • 1912 - Prof. Schmidt Warns Us of an Encroaching Ice AgeNew York Times, October 1912
  • 1923 - “Scientist says Arctic ice will wipe out Canada” – Professor Gregory of Yale University, American representative to the Pan-Pacific Science Congress, – Chicago Tribune
  • 1923 - “The discoveries of changes in the sun’s heat and the southward advance of glaciers in recent years have given rise to conjectures of the possible advent of a new ice age” – Washington Post
  • 1924 - MacMillan Reports Signs of New Ice Age New York Times, Sept 18, 1924
  • 1929 - “Most geologists think the world is growing warmer, and that it will continue to get warmer” – Los Angeles Times, in Is another ice age coming?

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Holographic politicians could soon become a normal thing in the US


Earlier this year, India’s prime minister Narendra Modi was campaigning for reelection and used a rather unusual method for being in many different places at once: he became a hologram. Not biologically, but with the help of a company called NChant3D that broadcast his nearly hour-long speech in 53 different locations. Now a US company called HologramUSA has the rights to use that technology in the US, and has just hired a lobbyist in Washington, DC to push the Democrats and Republicans into using holograms in the upcoming 2016 presidential election, reports Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

The result could be long-dead politicians from America’s Founding Fathers, to more recent and beloved party figureheads like Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. Politicians might also use it to do the same thing as Modi, and be in two places (or more) at once, stretching “in person” appearances on the campaign trail.

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